Resepi Coklat Ganache Frosting

Resepi Coklat Ganache Frosting

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Resepi Coklat Ganache Frosting. Allow the ganache to cool slightly before pouring over a cake. Ganache is made by mixing chocolate with.

3 Resepi Topping Coklat Ganache Mudah - Blogopsi
3 Resepi Topping Coklat Ganache Mudah - Blogopsi (Ricky Silva)
Ganache memiliki pelbagai fungsi seperti hiasan ataupun menyalut kek atau penambah perasa kepada puding atau kek. Refrigerate until mixture is cold, then whip with a wire whisk again until fluffy. This frosting makes a beautiful shiny coating on cakes and cookies.

Use frosting as desired; refrigerate your frosted goodies to firm up the frosting.

And if you chill the ganache, it's ideal for spreading between cake layers, for frosting or for making truffles.

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There's probably no other recipe in this world that I've made more than chocolate ganache. Alton Brown's recipe for two-ingredient chocolate Ganache Frosting from Food Network is decadent yet easy and the perfect topping to cakes, cupcakes Process by pulsing several times until chocolate mixture is smooth. Selain menggunakan dark coklat dan milk coklat, white coklat juga boleh digunakan.